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bullet Calendar of events in the Solution Focused world
bulletNew to Solution Focused Therapy?
bulletTips and Ideas from the SFT-L?  
bulletEBTA-conference Krakow
bulletResearch Grant from EBTA     
bulletThe multicenter study   
bulletMailing Lists (in particular the SFT-L) - How to Subscribe
bulletCurrent Research updated april 2000
bulletReview by Jay McKeel. Review of SFBT-research.
bulletPublications (Ziegler reflections after EBTA-meeting Salamanca) and other stuff and ideas on where to look for more. I have also added the bibliograpy compiled from the SFT-L here .
bulletCertification stuff (I haven't decided yet if I like this whole idea - but it's done so...)
bulletThe archives of the SFT-L. Searchable.
bulletSubscribing to the SFT-L

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